A NEW KIND OF DESIGN GALLERY. Limited editions of small pieces of eco-designed furniture, signed and numbered EXCLUSIVELY for Pigalle Matignon.

My purpose: to offer you masterpieces that will set your interiors apart with a human touch.


The desire to create a bridge between art and design.

Each piece is developed exclusively for Pigalle Matignon. A rare, hand-crafted, limited-edition piece. We treat our masterpieces as piece of art.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, the designer's biography and a product sheet.


"I'm convinced that you understand the value of a piece and become attached to it if you know who created it and how.

That's why I'm keen to put the spotlight on the creators and behind-the-scenes design. "

Laure Baulme


Buy less but better. Choose parts whose history you know and value.

Controlled environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. Quality materials from local sources.

Production on demand, in small batches.


I'm Laure Lefèvre Baulme, a Parisian from a family of art lovers. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been exposed to design by visiting art fairs and museums, but also by having the good fortune to be the niece of art collectors and critics.

After 10 years working for major cosmetics groups, I decided to make a living from my passion: art, design and encounters.

Pigalle Matignon was born of the following observation:

the desire to learn more about designers, craftsmanship and materials.

Furniture automatically loses its value if it's not signed.

Faced with a plethora of products on offer, it's hard to understand the price differences from one piece of furniture to another.

So I wanted to bring the human touch back into our interiors with rare pieces whose history we know.