Gift Ideas by Léa Bigot

Léa Bigot is a sculptural artist, originally from Réunion Island and now from Marseille.

She shares with us her favorites... with a preference for talents from Marseille.

1. A Sarah Espeute placemat.

Sarah Espeute is an artist-designer who creates "sensitive works" for the home through embroidery.

set de table sarah espeute

2. An Azur darling.

Azur World, a craft brand that plays with silk in clothing and accessories.

chouchou azur marseille

3. A beautiful book from Chose Commune

Marseille-based publisher of artists' books.

livre chose commune

4. An iconic designer piece.

Offer a limited edition of an eco-designed, signed and numbered designer piece.
Below, the Coquille lamp, by Léa Bigot, 890€. A limited edition of 20, sold exclusively at Pigalle Matignon.

Sculpture lumineuse Lea Bigot