Gift Ideas by François Bazin

French designer François Bazin's gift selection.

1. A book on architecture

The ideal gift for a design lover, perhaps a brother or a father.

The book, Case Study House, Taschen collections, 15€

Livre architecture taschen

2. An art book

The perfect gift for an art lover who loves beautiful books. Perhaps the perfect gift for a mother-in-law or a dear friend?

The book, Deux Remords by Claude Monet, $20€

livre peinture claude monet

3. A Charlotte Perriand bench seat... dream big!

A designer banquette, Charlotte Perriand's famous banquette, to be found in antique shops, galleries and flea markets. €€€

banquette charlotte perriand

4. The limited edition of a designer piece ... a Pigalle Matignon piece!

The Aura lamp by François Bazin, 610€.
Limited edition, sold exclusively at Pigalle Matignon. Each lamp is signed and numbered. Only 50 copies available.

lampe aura designer françois bazin